Specified Skilled Worker program

The Quolifications to Join us

factory worker
factory worker
factory worker

Type1: Engineer/Humanities/International Services 技術・人文・国際業務

1. Qualifications

(1) Graduate from Vocational college, University or Graduate school.

(2) Work experiences for Japanese company more than 3 years.

(3) Japanese language skills of JLPT N2 up or English of TOEIC 800 up. Interpreter should have JLPT N1.

2. Tyo of job that you can work at

(1) Engineer
Engineers (SE, application software, etc.), programmers (computer, online games, etc.) IT engineers, mechanical engineering designers, architects, architects, new product development engineers, etc.

(2) Humanities/International
Translation, interpreting, teaching language, public relations, advertising or overseas business, designing clothes or interior decoration, product development, and other similar tasks.

2. Income

(1) Model case of monthly income of skills, humanities and international operations (25 years old)       (Japanese yen)

Basic Salary (8 hours x 21days)                224,000
Over time(20 hours)                                  37,500
Monthly salary                                         261,500
Tax                                                          -20,351
Social security                                          -35,826
income after tax and social security           205,323

(2) Bonus
             2-4 months of basic salary

3. Employee welfare

Transportation fee

Company own the transportation fee to the work place.

Paid holidays

12 days paid holidays a year except Saturday, Sunday, Japanese National holiday

Social security support

Health insurance, Medical insurance, Employment insurance, Pension insurance

Free Japanese language lecture

Company provide free Japanese lecture by e-learning system using Youtube. You can join it free during you stay in Japan.

Arrangement of share room

We arrange economical apartment (30,000~40,000 yen/month) or share room (20,000~30,000 yen/month) closs to work place.

Discount company tour in Japan

We arrange company tour for sightseeing in Japan four times every year. You can enjoy four seasons together with colleagues. It is spring, summer, winter and autumn. Let’s go to onsen or amusement park!

When you go back to your country

Japanese government will pay back some of your total payment of Social security when you go back to your country. It is around 800,000 yen exclude tax after you work as Senior Engineer or Professional in Japan more than 3 years.

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