Specified Skilled Worker program

Salary of SSW

factory worker
factory worker
food maker

Salary of SSW

1. As same as Japanese people

(1) The company standard
Companies have to treat specified skilled workers as same as their Japanese employee with similar experience. However, salary can be reduced if there is a reasonable reason, such as Japanese language ability, various licenses, positions, etc.

(2) The industry standard
If the company does not have a Japanese employee with the same work experience of the specified skilled worker, or if the company never employ a full-time worker, the salary of SSW should be as same as Japanese workers working nearby companies of the same business category.

(3) Improvement from TITP2
If the company recruits a current or former technical intern, the salary level must be higher than that of the technical intern.

2. Income of reference

(1) Model case of Monthly income of Specific Skilled Worker  (Japanese yen)

Salary of SSWs

(2) Allowance
If the company have allowance such as Perfect attendance allowance, Duties allowance, Qualification allowance, etc, they have to pay to the SSWs as same as Japanese people.

(3) Bonus
Many of small companies never pay bonus in Japan. However, if the company pay bonus to the Japanese workers, they also have to pay it to SSWs.

3. Employee benefits

<Travel expenses>
Travel expenses from your apartment to the company is not duty of the company. Most of the companies will ask you to live close to work site.

<Paid leaves>
You have 10 days paid leave per year afetr you work a half year as per Article 3 of the Labor Standards Act. You can use them for sick leave, vacation, etc.

<Social insurance>
Health insurance, work-related insurance, employment insurance, and employee pension (if the company dose not provide them, you have to join the National Health Insurance and National Pension).

<Apartment cost>
You have to pay apartment rent and utility expenses by yourself. You also need to own the security deposits. Then, you have to keep the room clean to repay the deposit.

4. Refund of the social security

When you go back to your country after you work more than 3 years, Japanese government will pay back some of your total payment of Social security to you. It is around 300,000 yen.

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