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Introduction of our company

We are a recruitment agency that takes compliance seriously.

Since our establishment in February 2015, we have recruited talented people in Japan and Asian countries, and introduced them to Japanese companies. We introduce talented people mainly from Asian countries such as Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Cambodian, Nepalese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

We have our headquarters in Nagoya-city. It is the third biggest city in Japan and be famous for the castle. The location is in the middle of the country, between Tokyo and Osaka. Nagoya is capital of Aichi-prefecture where is one of important industrial bases of Japan. Many big companies have offices and factories in the prefecture such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc.

Background of establishing our company

In Japan, the population has been decreasing by approximately 1 million every year because of declining birthrate and aging population. The working-age population between 15 and 65, which supports the economy, is also has been decreasing by 500,000 every year, and labor shortages have become apparent in many industries.

To compensate for this significant population decline, the business community has a need for hiring foreigners. However, the needs of Japanese companies and the needs of foreign job seekers are often inconsistent, and the recruitment of foreigners by Japanese companies is not progressing. In addition, there are a large number of foreigners who quit their job immediately after being adopted. So-called "mismatches" are happening.

Therefore, our company focuses on efficient matching Japanese companies that want to hire foreigners with foreigners who want to work in Japan.

We recruit foreign talent with advanced technology and in-depth knowledge. The wages paid by companies to them are the same level as Japanese people with equivalent abilities. Types of visas include Specific Skills Worker, Engineer/Humanities/International Services, and Long-term resident.

Japan is still at the top level position in the world as an advanced and precise manufacturing base. In addition, service fields such as tourism, retail and nursing care are supported by the “(Omotenashi no kokoro)heart of hospitality”.

Our corporate philosophy is to promote the maintenance and development of the "Made in Japan" brand by combining Japanese and talented Asian talent. Please join our program.

Overview of the company

Company Name

Japan HR Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer

Noboru Mizutani

Company Address

Ark Sakae Nishiki New Business Build 8th fl.
3-11-25 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi-prefecture, Postal-code 460-0003 Japan

Contact Phone

+81 52 951 8782




Introduction of our company

Recruitment (high-level personnel)

Recruitment (Specific Skilled Worker)

Date Founded

June 2, 2015


5 million yen

Main Business Activities

1. Recruitment
2. Multi-Languages Translation
3. e-Larning
4. Social and market Research

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