Specified Skilled Worker program

Benefits to join our program

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Let's enjoy life and earn a lot of money in Japan! We will help you!

1. Good income

The Japanese government sets a minimum wage for each prefecture. Currently, the hourly wage is from 790 yen to 1,013 yen by prefecture. Furthermore, overtime pay is 25% higher than hourly wages. Japanese companies must pay at least this minimum wage even when recruiting people from abroad.

Our programs offer higher wages than the minimum wage. Specified skill workers are paid wages 100-200 yen per hour more than the minimum wage.

However, to work in Japan, you have to bear the same taxes and social security fees as Japanese pay according to the law. It totals around 20% of salary.

Companies are not required to pay bonuses. But with our program, if you work more than 220 days and more than 1,800 hours a year, you get a bonus.

A total of five years of payments will be approximately 5-6 times the amount available in your country.

2. Acquisition of experience and technology

Japan is a high quality center in the world. By working in Japan, you can engage in precision production, cutting-edge technology and know-how, and creative activities. The experience must make you grow further.

3. Acquisition of Japanese language ability

Our program offers e-learning Japanese lessons to improve your Japanese language skills. The cost is paid by the company. During you stay in Japan, you can take lessons all the time you want. By learning good Japanese language, you can enjoy life in Japan. Also, after returning home, it is advantageous to work in a well-treated Japanese company.

4. Living life support service

Our staff will assist you with arranging your apartment / dormitory, opening a bank account, various procedures, medical consultations, and consultations on life and work in Japan.

5. Freedom to choose occupation

You can change the company if you suffer unbearably from the work, benefits or relationships with the company. However, the job at the new job must be in the same field. You also need to be managed by our company that is Registered Support Organization.

6. Freedom of life

You can live freely in Japan. Owning a smartphone and SIM card, shopping and domestic travel, and temporary return to your country are all free. However, you have to follow the rules of Japanese society.

7. Discounts for travel in Japan

We carry out employee trips four times every year and do sightseeing in Japan. The cost is 4,900 yen to 9,800 yen. Please enjoy the four seasons of Japan with your colleagues. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Let's go to the hot spring and amusement park!

We consider you all the same as our family. It is our policy to be happy together. We never make people miserable. By participating in this program, you will always have wonderful memories of your life.

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