Specified Skilled Worker program

We help "Made in Japan"!

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Let’s Work in Japan!

For those who completed technical training, or who passed the Japanese government's skills test and Japanese language test. We will introduce you a good job in Japan. The work condition is the same as Japanese. In our program, you do not need to pay huge deposit money. You can change company, if you do not like them. You have freedom.
Let's help "Made in Japan" and "Omotenashi no kokoro (Japanese hospitality)"! We welcome you working in Japan!
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The Right Way to Earn Money

Earnest, diligent, talented people have a chance to work in Japan. Do not warry! If you clear the all conditions, we will support you everything from finding job to easiness of living in Japan. You must have memorial time in your life.
You can use your experiences to take this opportunity. Let’s enjoy life and earn more money in Japan!
The Qualifications
Type 1:   Successfully Completed TITP 2
(1)Completion of Technical Intern Training 2 and passed the examination of Technical Skills Test. (随時技能検定3級 or 専門級試験)
(2)Japanese Language skill is JLPT N4 and up.
Type 2:  :Passed the Specified Skilled Worker Test
(1)Pass the skills examination and the Japanese language test for Specified Skilled Worker that is held in Japan and several countries.
(Note)You can work only in the filed that you completed TITP or passed the SSW test.
The Benefit
Your income is same as Japanese people. You can save more money.
We support you finding apartment, various procedures, treatment at hospital, etc.
We provide opportunity to learn Japanese language using e-learning system.
You can change the company if you suffer unbearably from the work, benefits or relationships with the company.
You can live freely in Japan. Owning a smartphone, shopping, domestic travel, temporary return to your country are all free.
We carry out employee trips four times every year. Let's enjyoy Japan!
Japanese Visa
Requirements of Visa
Japanese tax and socialsecurity
Tax and socialsecurity
Living cost in Japan
Living cost in Japan
How to apply
How to join us?
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