Visa process by industry and country


Visa procedure by industry and country

1. Procedur by Industry

(1) All industry exclude construction
Applications to only local imigration office.

(2) Construction
Only the construction industry needs to have an approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism before applying to the Immigration office.

2. Procedures by nationality

(1) Nationalities other than those listed below
You need only application to Immigration Bureau of Japan. If a Japanese company ask recruitment to overseas sending agency, they have to own the cost. We, Japan HR Solutions, are in direct contact with job seekers, so we do not take recruitment fees from the companies.

(2) Vietnamese
Vietnamese residing in Japan, such as technical internships and international students, simply apply to the Immigration Bureau, and do not need any support from oversea sending agency.

However, Vietnamese who returned to the country without applying for a visa change requires the procedures in Vietnam.They need the cooperation of local sending agency.

(3) Filipino
Not only workers in the Philippines but also residents of Japan require the permission from the Philippine Government Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). The procedure is as follows.

First of all, a Japanese company needs to exchange a recruitment contract with a Filipino sending agency. Then, the company applies for a permit to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), located in Tokyo or Osaka. If the company has never employed a Filipino, a representative of the company must have am interview with POLO.

In addition to the complexity of the procedure, hiring a Filipino requires a referral fee to a local sending agency. It is about one month labor cost. Due to the local laws, the company can not let the worker to pay the costs but pay it by themselves.

(4) Cambodian
Recruitment from Cambodia must go through the sending agency. On the other hand, to employ residents in Japan requires the worker to register with a Cambodian sending agency, but there is not special burden on the company.

(5) Myanmar
Recruitment from Myanmar must go through a sending agency. On the other hand, there is no procedure to recruit residents in Japan.

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