Specified Skilled Worker program

About changing jobs

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About changing jobs

Specified Skills Workers have a certain degree of freedom of occupation. You can change companies if the profession is same to the one of technical internship or proficiency exam.(You can not change the professions without pass the exam for SSWs.)

In fact, it is not as easy for skilled workers to change companies as Japanese people to do. It is very difficult to find new company for you. Because recruiting SSWs takes long time and be very costly.

Let's work happily if the job conditions are same to the employment contract. However, if overtime payments are not paid or human rights violations such as violence or abusive languages go on a daily basis, it is necessary to seek improvement from the company. You must be treated like a Japanese.

If you are dissatisfied with the company or the people around you, tell us immediately. We will talk to the company to improve the situations so that you can work happily again.

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